The b. class® with Alia McWhirter

We have joined forces with the b.class® to bring something truely unique to all women,
and we are the FIRST to bring this amazing offering to Aotearoa, New Zealand!

Dance your heart out_edited.jpg

As a ‘unique Brand’, The b. class® is an inspiring women’s, 'fitness program' designed to let the heart and soul speak through. The b. class® combines athletic movement with powerful music creating connection.


Liberate your soul, ignite your spark, and b.


We support women of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to feel strong and empowered to live their most authentic life. Each class experience you will leave feeling clear, strong and empowered. Heal, ignite and set free the heart, mind and soul with music and movement.


This empowering class will leave you feeling supercharged and on fire as well as grounded and clear. Experience movements that will balance the masculine and feminine energies with music that will allow a shift of the conscious and subconscious mind. Walk away feeling strong and empowered to live your most authentic life.


The b. class® is for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. You do not need to be coordinated, you just have to let go and have fun!

Drops in welcome!


Bring along some trainers or appropriate shoes if you require them otherwise barefoot is absolutely fine.