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This private group is a space for our wonderful members to get in touch and hear from your teachers about events and offerings at the studio. A space to ask questions, connect and celebrate yoga and our Healthy Self community.

At Healthy Self we take a therapeutic approach to wellness. We are focused on creating and maintaining health in the systems of the body. Including functional strength, balance, flexibility, circulation, digestive health and a reduction of stress. Through practice of physical movement, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.

At Healthy Self, we welcome all gender identities, body types and students of all levels and abilities. You don't need to be flexible or buy fancy clothes to begin, so join us on the mat for some self care and body love!

"He tinana tauhōkai ia tinana"

"every body is a yoga body"


Meet our wonderful teachers and stay connected with what's happening at Healthy Self Queenstown. We also post special offers and images that we love so check out this page and follow us to keep in touch.

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On our Facebook page you will find all the updates we share with our wider community, special offers, news and events that are coming up.

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