Kat McGregor, Reiki Master Practitioner

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Healthy Self Yoga and Reiki Space have collaborated to bring a new offering to the studio. Meet Kat!

Kat is a kiwi born in Dunedin and has been living in Queenstown this time round for 7 years. She is a trained reiki master through Dave pollock in Queenstown. There is no time frame from Reiki 1 to Masters as its all such a personal journey and hers took around 4 years. 


The beauty of this type of energy work is that it's so transformative for your mind body and soul.

Kat uses universal life force energy to help you help yourself. Universal energy is all around us to be utilised and Reiki Practitioners have been opened up to harness this energy, thus becoming a vessel that this energy channels through. 


Remembering that we are all light and information showing up as we are in human form. Since that is, Reiki energy comes through and mirror images the greatest disharmony in you to the root cause of the problem, whatever that may be, mentally, spiritually, or physically.

All of the these are energetic and have the potential to be balanced and harmonised. Dis-ease in our bodies is present because our energy is stuck or overloaded. We aim to get your energy centres free flowing in a healthy way, through the journey back to the source. 


Kat loves aiding people to take charge of their own healing through reiki and creates an inviting, safe space where you can just be, relax into and feel whatever you need to feel in the session.


If you are looking for relaxation, a bit of stress release, a moment in time for yourself...or you have something that's going on with you and you want to reiki to tackle it, then don't wait. Life is too short to be out of balance. Do whatever is necessary to shine that light of yours.


Out of the studio Kat loves the outdoors whatever the season brings. She also has another business that analyses energy performance in construction. She is always keen to learn and experience with like-minded people.

Sessions with Kat are by private appointment only

PLEASE NOTE: A minimum12 hours notice is required to book a Reiki session, Kat is not always in the studio and this allows time for Kat to organise and prepare for your session.


If you would like to book a session within 12 hours please contact Kat on 021 838 994 or email her at

Pricing Plans

1x session = $95

3x consecutive weekly sessions = $240 (Purchase on checkout)