What classes do you offer?

From compete beginners to more experienced yogis, our service offering will be a mix of styles so we are confident there will be something that will tickle your fancy. See "Our Classes" page for descriptions and to book!

What if I have an injury or physical condition?

Get in touch with us before hand, so you can get to know the teacher, have a chat about which class best suits and how we can look after you. All styles of our classes can be tailored to suit you and work with injuries or conditions compassionately.

Can I practice yoga if I am pregnant?

First of all congratulations! you're practicing for two now :) It depends, but mindful movement is most likely a great benefit to you during pregnancy! Some of our classes can depend on a few things, including the trimester you are in and the length of time you have been practicing for. Please have consent from your doctor and get in touch so we can guide you to the right class. Our classes can be modified to suit, but we would like to connect you with the teacher first for the most appropriate guidance.

Where do I find parking?

Look out for free P180 parking spaces in the complex. there is extra parking around the back too! There is also 2 hour free parking in the lot at Red Oaks Drive Car Park (where the Remarkable Markets are located)

Do you offer online Classes?

Yes we do! For those who want to stay at home a little longer or unable to join us in studio, we have been hard at work creating an online library. You can now practice with your favorite teacher at your convenience, with classes being added regularly. All of our Monthly plans include access to the Healthy Self Online Library. We also have regular live streaming classes